avast! Antivirus v4.7 - self updating real time protection and/or scanner with auto plugin setup

                Opera v8.54 - the chronological browsing history was replaced by per site history in v9

                File Based Write Filter  - 10% of total RAM is used as writable free space on System Drive

                Minlogon - XPEmbedded Winlogon.exe replacement to speed up boot times

                WinImage 8.0 - manipulate many image formats, filedisk enabled

                WinRAR & 7-Zip - common archive support, configured to work together

                NTFS Ratio - context menu compression analysis tool for NTFS 

                Enable Audio - with reduced Realtek AC97 & kx-mini Creative drivers

                WinHex - forensic data inspector and editor

                FoxitReader - .PDF format file reader with association preconfigured

                PhotoFiltre - have some fun with this amazing paint tool, in PE? -why not.

                ImageBurn - feature rich burning tool, under 1 MB. UPXed

                Netmeter - small transparent network monitor

                Outpost 1.817 - free firewall that's perfect for PE

                O&O Defrag Professional 8.6 - superior defrag software, explorer shell recommended, serial required

                nVidia GeForce driver - v81.98, CoolBits reg entry added to enable overclocking.

                nFofce4 LAN driver - tested under XPE shell, includes HwPnP plugin to assist with installation under WinPE



            Driver only

                kx Audio 3538i mini - Reduced Creative Soundcard driver (tested with PE/XP/W2K)




Links of interest


MSFN - CD Forum - Boot-Land - Sherpya - Paraglider

BCDW v2.01a - Multiboot HowTo - SETUPLDR.bin fix

 XPSP2-OPK - WAIK - TrueImage8 PE - Mustang's plugins

Bold Fortune - nLite - vLite - nLite avast addon - maxxpsoft


Related Win32 Utilities 


                Bootable CD Wizard 2.01a template - with updated files

                Virtual PC 2004 - free download from Microsoft, the current version is 2007 beta

                WininstallLE 2003 - Limited Edition MSI installer repackaging tool

                RegShot & PEReg - to track and convert registry changes

                VDKWin - Graphical front-end for Ken Kato's VDK utility, also included

                SDI Loader - GUI for mounting .sdi format virtual harddisk images

                XPE 'wrapper' - post processing utilities for the pebuilder folder, replaces mkisofs.exe

                PE To USB - small GUI tool, boot WinPE from a USB flash drive

                Double Driver - backup system drivers in minimal form for WinPE or UA setups

                Driver Compressor Tool - drivers to cab format command, run next to.inf file(s), reduce $OEM$ drivers


                If you've found something of interest or want to say hello...





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